Moneypenny – Rachel Clacher
2015 Nurturing Female Talent Award Winner

Working with a pre-dominantly female workforce, Miss Moneypenny has developed a culture supportive of them, from consulting on the way the new purpose built offices will look to offering interest free loans. In March 2014, Moneypenny co- owner, Rachel Clacher established The Moneypenny Foundation to extend this unique approach to people development to young women in Wrexham who had not had the best start in life and help the girls into employment but not necessarily with the company. It’s a family affair with Rachel’s Mum cooking for the trainees and Rachel accompanying them on the outward courses they attend as part of the 6 month trainee-ship. One trainee was at serious risk of leading a life that none of us would willingly choose but thanks to her involvement in the foundation, she achieved 100% attendance, had her court order revoked by 50% and went on to secure employment. Just a few weeks ago she left Wales, taking a leave of absence, to work for a month in an orphanage in India.