2010 Social Entrepreneur Award Winner Terrie Johnson

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Terrie Johnson
2010 Social Entrepreneur Award Winner 

Terrie is the founder of ‘fruit to suit’. Finding herself struggling to find a home/life balance that fitted around her young family, Terrie combined her two passions, working with young children and healthy living, to create a social enterprise that establishes healthy tuck shops to local schools. From […]

2010 Business Award Winner Jane Davies

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Jane Davies
2010 Business Award Winner 

Jane was appointed CEO of Manchester Science Park (MSP) in 2000 and remains the only female CEO of a science park ten years later. During this time Jane has gained national and international recognition for the work MSP does and has helped Manchester and the North West become a recognised […]

2010 Community Award Winner Irene Brown

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Irene Brown
2010 Community Award Winner

For the past 10 years Irene Brown, along with her husband, has helped the homeless, dispossessed and those living on the margins of society in Manchester. Taking their van out every Wednesday and Saturday, Irene reaches out with food, love and compassion. She befriends those who […]

2010 Public Sector Award Winner Dominique Whittington

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Dominique Whittington
2016 Public Sector Award Winner

Dominique is a senior manager within the Special Projects Section for Manchester City Council, which manages and delivers the City’s large scale capital regeneration projects following the 1997 bombing and the infrastructure for the Commonwealth Games. Organisations that Dominique has directly supported and developed include The Zion Arts Centre; […]

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