2020/21 Video highlights

Inspiring Woman Awards Highlights Part 1

Inspiring Woman Awards Highlights Part 3

Inspiring Woman Awards Highlights Part 5

Inspiring Woman Awards Highlights Part 2

Inspiring Woman Awards Highlights Part 4

2019 Video highlights

Awards Highlight Video 2019, including the Inspiring Young Women Award and Constance Award Winners’ Speeches

Community Award 2019

Manchester Bee Award 2019

Entrepreneur Award 2019

Business Award 2019

Here Come The Girls Award 2019

2018 Video highlights

Inspiring Young Women Award Winner 2018

Inspiring Awards Introduction Video 2018

Inspiring Awards Highlights Video 2018

Entrepreneur Award 2018

Constance Award Introduction Video 2018

Business Award 2018

Community Award 2018

The ‘100’ Award 2018

2017 Video highlights

Business Award 2017

Finance and Professional Award 2017

Community Award 2017

Inspiring Awards Highlights Video 2017

Entrepreneur Award 2017

2016 Video highlights

Inspiring Awards Highlights Video 2016

Business Award 2016

Community Award 2016

Public Sector Front Line Staff Awards 2016

Inspiring Young Women Award 2016

Entrepreneur Award 2016

2015–2007 Video highlights

Inspiring Awards 2015 Highlights

Inspiring Awards 2013 Highlights

Inspiring Awards 2011 Highlights

Inspiring Awards 2008 Highlights

Inspiring Awards 18th Birthday Party Highlights

Inspiring Awards 2014 Highlights

Inspiring Awards 2012 Highlights

Inspiring Awards 2010 Highlights

Inspiring Awards 2007 Highlights

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