2012 Entrepreneur Award Winner Clippy McKenna

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Clippy McKenna
2012 Entrepreneur Award Winner 

Clippy’s dedication is simple – preserving the British Apple. Although she’s now producing tens of thousands of jars per month, not one foreign imposter apple will be aqueezed, juiced or chopped into any of those jars. Clippy also preaches what she practices and plays an active role in British […]

2012 Community Award Winner Kate Spall

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Kate Spall
2012 Community Award Winner 

For the past 5 years Kate has successfully battled for cancer patients who are refused new cancer drugs. Galvanised by her mother, Pamela’s fight against kidney cancer, Kate spent hours researching how she could get the NHS to change their mind. After a 9 month battle, Pamela became the first […]

2012 Business Award Winner Tracy Mort

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Tracy Mort
2012 Business Award Winner 

Tracy formed Grace cole (Cosmetics) on 1st February 2007 in the kitchen of her home in North Manchester as a result of the business where she was an employee folding. With a good reputation in the cosmetic industry, Tracy knew that all she needed was financial backing and approached a […]

2012 Creative & Media Award Winner Maria McGeoghan

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Maria McGeoghan
2012 Creative & Media Award Winner 

Maria was the first woman editor in the history of the Manchester evening News and was at the heart of the huge changes at the M.E.N as the newspaper group evolved to embrace the digital world. She was at the helm of overseeing the introduction of the […]

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