2016 Entrepreneur Award Winner Jayne Hynes

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Jayne Hynes
2016 Entrepreneur Award Winner 

Spotting a gap in the market when she spent her evenings and weekends cooking, pureeing and freezing mini meals for her two daughters as there wasn’t a convenient, healthy and affordable solution on the market, Jayne decided after researching the sector, to leave her job as a chartered surveyor, to […]

2016 Public Sector Front Line Winners

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Myra Ball, Jennifer Burd & Estelle Mathieson
2016 Public Sector Front Line Winners

In 2014, following an inspection into domestic abuse (DA) in Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Police needed a force level action plan which included revising training for all frontline and neighbourhood staff. One of the courses devised and delivered was a bespoke course to […]

2016 Business Award Winner Marnie Millard

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Marine Millard
2016 Business Award Winner 

Following senior roles at Refresco Gerber and Macaw Soft Drinks, Marnie was appointed MD of Vimto Nichols in 2012, becoming Group CEO of Nichols in 2013. This family business still counts the Grandson of its founder on the Board. The Middle East is now the biggest market for Vimto outside […]

2016 Community Award Winner Aitha Chaudry

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Aitha Chaudry
2016 Community Award Winner 

Atiha is the epitome of the quiet, modest and tireless worker who is the backbone of communities that would be poorer without her. She has spent more than 20 years running a small business part time to enable her to volunteer her services, without pay, in an amazing range […]

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