Myra Ball, Jennifer Burd & Estelle Mathieson
2016 Public Sector Front Line Winners

In 2014, following an inspection into domestic abuse (DA) in Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Police needed a force level action plan which included revising training for all frontline and neighbourhood staff. One of the courses devised and delivered was a bespoke course to bring the realities of DA to those supervisors who work with officers dealing with victims of DA. Unprompted GMP 3 employees, who had been previous victims of DA, came forward wanting to share their stores: Detective Inspectors: Myra, Estelle and Civilian Jennifer.

The three women delivered training sessions over a 12 week period, speaking honestly and graphically about their personal experiences of being victims of DA, how they had been hurt, abused, controlled and humiliated by their partners. In order for the audience to understand the “hidden demand” of DA, they also talked about why they never reported some abuse to the police, the stigma attached and the barriers to just walking away. These sessions ultimately influenced training, policy decisions and importantly reinforced the victim’s voice