2011 Community Award Winner Dr Sylvia Sham

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Dr Sylvia Sham
2011 Community Award Winner 

From a childhood of abject poverty as a refugee in Hong Kong to developing the UK’s largest ethnic minority’s women’s organisation, Sylvia has dedicated herself to improving the lives of the Chinese Community in the North West and committed to challenging them to fully contribute to British society. […]

2011 Business Award Winner Jennie Johnson

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Jennie Johnson
2011 Business Award Winner 

Frustrated at being unable to find adequate childcare centres for her children, Jennue founded Kids Allowed back in 2003. Each nursery is based in new build accommodation, with Jennie seeking funding for each project from scratch. Through Kids Allowed, she has pioneered changes in childcare allowing parents more flexibilty in their […]

2011 Creative & Media Winner Award Winner Sita Williams

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Sita Williams
2011 Creative & Media Winner Award Winner 

Sita has been producing award winning drama for over twenty years. From Lost For Words starring Dame Thora Hird and Pete Postlethwaite which won and Emmy for Best TV Movie and Dame Thora won the BAFTA for Best Actress to Reckless a six part serial, which […]

2011 Social Entrepreneur Award Winner Claire Fryer

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Claire Fryer
Social Entrepreneur Award Winner

At aged just 28, Claire has already set up and sold one business and is now building her second business as a social enterprise: The Mosaic Group. Following a BA in Social work and Welfare Studies, Claire knew that she wanted to run a business enhancing the […]

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