2014 Business Award Winner Jennifer Atkinson

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Jennifer Atkinson
2014 Business 
Award Winner

Jennifer joined ITC, a family run business, in 2006 as Marketing Manager. By 2009 ITC recorded it’s biggest losses in its 35 year history as a result of declining sales, overheads that had grown out of proportion with the underlying business with the recession hitting luxury travel. Alongside […]

2014 Entrepreneur Award Winner Sarah Gallagher

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Sarah Gallagher
2014 Entrepreneur
Award Winner

Sarah recently retrained as a chocolatier to follow her passion and set up her own chocolaterie. Her business, set up on a shoestring has within 18 months, traded on ‘Not on the High Street’ featured in ‘Stylist’ and ‘British Vogue Magazines’, won a Taste Gold Award and […]

2014 Technology Award Winner Dr Sheila Kanani

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Dr Sheila Kanani
2014 Technology Award Winner

LSheila is a space scientist and an educator, using the inspiring qualities of astronomy to enthuse disengaged students into doing science. She has the admirable and tough job of a secondary school teacher at an inner city comprehensive school in Preston enthusing students about physics. With […]

2014 Community Award Winner Jean Sant

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Jean Sant
2014 Community Award Winner

Whilst the Brownie movement is celebrating 100 years in 2014, Jean Sant is celebrating her own milestone as the Brown Owl in Sale Moor for over 50 years.  Although now in her seventies, Jean still spends every Tuesday welcoming and instructing the Brownies and continues to […]

2014 Nurturing Female Talent Award Winner Laing O’Rourke

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Laing O’Rourke
2014 Nurturing Female Talent Award Winner

Laing O’Rourke’s vision is to challenge and change the perception of the industry to ensure that construction and engineering careers are seen as exciting and relevant for women. It has undertaken a range of initiatives from sponsoring schools like Skipton Girls High School to increasing […]

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