Joanne Lee
2014 Inspiring Young Woman Winner

After leaving care, Joanne has continued to work closely with key decision makers to ensure that other looked after children and care leavers are supported effectively. She is a member of her local Corporate Parenting Board and encourages all professionals working with or for ‘looked after’ children or care leavers preface all their thinking and work on one question; “if this were my child, would this be good enough?” Due to her hard work, dedication and willingness to continuously learn from, teach and support others, she has secured employment at Sefton Care Leavers Centre. The new centre was set up to support young people who are in the process of leaving care or who have left care with the transition into adulthood and independent living. With her knowledge and expertise she is described as an asset to the team.

Joanne is also a Sefton Young Advisor and works with community leaders and decisions makers to ensure that the voices of children and young people are consistently heard, and that they are rightfully involved in decisions that impact on their life. She has an infectious sense of humor and is skilled beyond her years. Within her local authority she is extremely highly regarded by council officers and local councillors alike. When this incredibly talented and busy 18 year old isn’t working, she volunteers. She is involved in multi-agency training around Child Sexuality Exploitation which we know is a priority across the country. Joanne also trains local elected members on how to effectively carry out visits to children’s homes and designated teachers on how to support the most vulnerable of children and young people.

. Joanne is a member of child sexual exploitation board and advises members on how involved young people in planning, delivering and evaluating initiatives. She is extremely passionate about raising the aspirations of all children and young people in particular those that are more vulnerable than others. Joanne is a representative on the virtual school governing body that is responsible for tracking educational progress of looked after children. Her personality means that she constantly supports those less able or fortunate than herself.