Donna Hall
2008 Public Sector Award Winner

“It was amazing! I’m still in shock! The Awards were truly magical…..there was a frisson of excitement and anticipation right from the start. I was so proud to have been nominated and humbled when I heard the speeches of the other finalists. I had to bite my lip and hold back tears for a couple of the stories I heard. Inspiring women who had overcome personal tragedy to help others. I’m proud of our achievements at Chorley – I’d like to thank my Mum, my daughters (inspiring women and girls!) and the fantastic staff and people of Chorley. Thanks so much to Government Office for nominating me.”
Donna Hall, Chief Executive, Chorley Borough Council

Karen McCormick
2008 Business Award Winner

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the wonderful afternoon I experienced at the Midland Hotel on the 16th May. Initially I was pleased to accept the invitation to the lunch and subsequently even more delighted to receive the award. I am not only aware of the amount of work involved in the preparation of such events, but I am in awe of your inspirational idea in the first place, that has led to such a successful event recognising others of a similar nature to yourself.

In times like this, recognising the courage and bravery of women who make a difference is even more important because these are the people who will continue to find a way through challenges, to have a positive effect on others. They are like flowers which germinate and spread – their good work makes lives brighter.”

Karen McCormick, Chief Executive, Cheshire Building Society.

Claire Moore
2008 Arts Award Winner

“What a wonderful whirlwind it has been to win an INSPIRING WOMEN AWARD – it proves to me that from small beginnings come great things. As an unemployed actor back in 1989 I wanted to use theatre to engage people in what matters, to inspire positive action and help make our society a compassionate caring place by reaching people’s emotions and minds. It was my mission to produce engaging professional theatre and take it to the community. To entertain? Yes! But also to stimulate and challenge.

And here I am nearly 20 years later doing it and winning an award! It’s been a real struggle: funders have been too few and far between over the years – it seems people have to actually experience what we do before they understand its impact.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope the award brings wider publicity so that more people can be aware of who we are, what we do and the issues we work with. To be honest, I really hope that it leads to more financial support – that businesses and individuals will step up to the social challenges of today and want to make a difference in a dynamic and original way by supporting our work and helping us take it across the world.

I heard that these awards started when Jacqueline had the idea whilst sitting at her kitchen table – wow! Who would have thought that from such a small beginning could come such a prestigious event supported by 350 people all wanting to engage with, and celebrate, the little people – that’s what I call inspirational and for the record this little person feels 10 feet tall!”

Claire Moore, Founder of Certain Curtain Theatre, producing exciting, innovative theatre.

Anne Parry
2008 Community Award Winner

“I felt very honoured to have been nominated by our Trustees as a potential ‘Inspiring Woman’ and even more so when I received the Award for the Community section. The whole experience was brilliant : the atmosphere, the location, the food, the speakers. It was a privilege to be in the company of so many accomplished women and to hear how each has made an impact on society. PAPYRUS, the charity I lead, has already benefited enormously from the publicity the Award has generated and hopefully this will be an on-going process….helping us to spread the word that suicide is not the inevitable result of feeling suicidal and that there is help out there for young people.

Personally I found the whole event quite inspiring ………my head has been buzzing with new ideas ever since.”

Anne Parry – Papyrus – UK resources and support for those dealing with suicide, depression or emotional distress, especially young people.