Are You Sitting Next To A Psychopath?     

At some point in your life you’ll probably have referred to your ‘psycho’ ex/boss/mother or former friend – but what is a ‘psychopath’ exactly? And should you really be suspicious of that neighbour who always has one eye on your biscuit tin?

Consultant Forensic Psychologist, Kerry Daynes (a fine upstanding citizen whose own psychopathy checklist score is a low 4) should know.

From shop lifters to serial killers, it is all in a day’s work and she has dealt with some of the country’s most notorious diagnosed psychopaths. Kerry is here to tell you exactly what this much banded-about term really means, what goes on in the brain of a psychopath (literally), and how they operate.

Psychopaths are definitely not mad, they can be very, very bad, yet they can also be extremely successful and perhaps we can learn a thing or two from them.

By the end of this light hearted and informative dinner, you will be better equipped to know if someone close at hand isn’t quite what they seem, and we may even be able to spot who in the room is sitting next to a psychopath!

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