Financielle founders, Laura & Holly at the Inspiring Women Awards.


We asked 2022 award winners, Laura & Holly what happens after you win an Inspiring Woman award and here’s what they said…

“Financielle has been on a real journey since winning The Inspiring Women Award (Entrepreneurs Category) back in 2022.”

“We’ve seen significant growth within the business and have received a number of other awards including the Telegraph Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs to watch, Fintech of the year at the Startup Awards and have recently been chosen as App of the Day by Apple.”

“Since winning our award we launched Financielle 2.0 and have helped thousands of women to take back control of their money, ditch debt, increase savings and invest in their future.

We helped a small pool of premium users increase their collective net worth by £1.1m in 2022, we’re looking to 10X this by the end of 2023. We are focussed on our mission to close the gender finance gaps that exist for women everywhere.”

“We would encourage anybody to apply for the Inspiring Women Awards, the energy and  female empowerment in the room is like nothing we have ever experienced before. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be recognised for the amazing work you do and it’s not often as women we take the credit we most rightly deserve.”

And it doesn’t stop there – as sought after guest speakers, Laura has now joined the BBC Morning Live programme as a regular guest.

There are 6 categories in all including community and sustainability. Visit Nominations for more information.