The woman dedicated to ending child exploitation

No Whispers Founder, Karen Livesey

Karen aims to draw awareness to child sexual and criminal exploitation, and educate parents, carers and members of the public, on how to keep our young people safe. Through Karen’s tenacious passion for making positive change, she has reinforced the fundamental importance of understanding our role to safeguard all young people at risk of or experiencing CSE.

No Whispers was set up 4 years ago with the aim of informing, educating and empower adults about child sexual, and criminal exploitation. Training and workshops emphasise the importance of recognising and spotting signs, early intervention and reporting to prevent children and young people from becoming victims of exploitation and abuse.

Karen has developed a specialist Level 1 CPD training accrediting professionals and volunteers from a range of backgrounds including Preston Community Hub, Child Action NW, Youth and community organisations, Housing Associations, domestic abuse organisations, church organisations and specialist sexual health and counselling services.

In setting up and running No Whispers CIC, Karen addresses the hard but important issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE), reaching out into the community not only to help raise awareness of the issue but to provide taboo-busting education for volunteers and social organisations to maximise the chances of CSE being spotted and/or prevented. Her presentations and talks are very striking and I am certain they make a very real and positive difference in enabling those most likely to encounter CSE to find and counter it. Councillor Neil Darby

The No Whispers training courses covers such topics as recognising the indicators and signs of abuse; how to take responsibility and action within their own community; understanding know how to interact with children and young people; knowing how to disrupt exploitation and reduce the number of children becoming victims and gaining an  understanding of the dangers children and young people face on the internet.

You can hear more of Karen’s story at the Inspiring Women awards Lunch 17/05/2024, details here