Continuing our series of pen portraits of our 2020/2021 finalists, this week we introduce you to:

Lucy Danger.

 Lucy Danger has skilfully driven the EMERGE Group from its inception in 1996, as a voluntary pressure group, to its unique position as a leading Social Enterprise.

EMERGE’s core objectives are to provide services which help to improve the environment and the relief of poverty through food, work and recycling activities.

One of the responsibilities of the EMERGE group is the management of FareShare Greater Manchester, part of the food redistribution charity network. Since the start of Lockdown, FareShare GM has received over 1,400 tonnes of food, and supplied the equivalent of 3,118,203 meal portions to 50,000 people. Recipients included frontline organisations such as breakfast clubs, pantries and community kitchens.

As a result of COVID, FareShare GM has become an essential resource to thousands more people which has stretched its capacity to the limit. Working safely under social distancing regulations; securing enough food; finding suitable storage space and rapidly training up dozens of new volunteers were major challenges faced in 2020.

They were able to welcome, induct and train 65 volunteers into the team, all prepared and able to support 12 hour working days. People from all walks of life, from bus drivers to journalists and marooned students, stepped forward to help.

None of this would have been possible without Lucy’s leadership, working alongside her team and volunteers to ensure this food reached the people in most need.

Lucy is now raising funds for a new warehouse that will enable them to double their outputs to 7 million meals a year. FareShare GM has had some prestige support in Lockdown, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting the premises and Marcus Rashford and his mum, Melanie volunteering at the site as part of his support in the ongoing campaign to challenge Government policies and raise awareness of food poverty.

A Trustee of FareShare UK, Lucy has received praise for her insights into the operational challenges and opportunities facing the charity in its growth, not least from a social enterprise expert practitioner perspective.

Whilst balancing all this, Lucy has taken over the care of her Mother who suffers from Vascular Dementia. Her Mum has recently moved in with Lucy and she now adds juggling work and full-time care to her multiple challenges.

This remarkable woman will be sharing her experiences and ambitions with the us on 14th May 2021 at the Inspiring Women Awards lunch.

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