She says, she becomes happy when someone looks at her and says, “Because of you Nana, I didn’t give up.”

Women Making Waves Award Finalist – Nana Adjoa Amponsah Sifa

Nana is a Ghanaian Social Entrepreneur helping Female Agribusiness Founders and women farmers to make impact and create an income.

She has special skills in fundraising, events/projects planning and management. Nana is currently the President of Direct Impact Foundation (an organisation that seeks to bridge the wide gap between rural and urban education) and the initiator of Guzakuza (a social enterprise committed to creating Agripreneurial mindsets).

Through Guzakuza, she has inspired and nurtured over 7,000 young women from 30 countries to build game-changing Agribusinesses in Africa.

The ‘Ignite’ programme, which she leads, is bringing Female Agribusiness Founders together from across the African continent and helping the displaced to be equipped to build resilient Agribusinesses.

The programme has also provided opportunities and served as a platform for Women in Agribusiness particularly, Female Agribusiness Founders to be educated, nurtured and empowered to build sustainable food businesses, spend quality time on their business models and improve their personal development through mentorship, coaching, internship, business simulations, and relevant Agribusiness training.

She strongly believes that Agriculture is one single sector that can help reduce five of the world’s most pressing problems which are Unemployment, food insecurity, poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Nana’s dream is to grow young women Agripreneurs who will power Ghana’s economy, grow healthy foods and create wealthy farmers.

In addition, she also serves as a member of the UN Women’s Economic Empowerment Reference Group in East and Southern Africa and a jury member for the German Corporation’s Game Changers Women in Agriculture Programme all to inspire, train and empower women and girls in Africa.

In 2017 she presented the Berlin Charter at the G-20 meeting in Berlin.

She is a member of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development, World Pulse and Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs