Forensic psychologist, Kerry Daynes reveals why we should all be a little psychopathic. 

TV presenter, award winner and author, Kerry was guest speaker at an Inspiring Women Awards special dinner, exploring the minds of psychopaths (Charles Bronson and Maurice’s glass eye featured prominently) and exploding a few myths too. Earlier in the evening, Kerry encouraged guests to complete a short quiz with points per answer before awarding additional points during her talk. By the end of Kerry’s talk, the psychopath in the room was revealed. Fortunately, the traits of this person were ‘sweet spot’ ones!

Kerry shared the top 5 professions (more points) that appeal to psychopaths and what the sweet spot characteristics are that we could all benefit from developing. These include an inability to over worry and stop taking things personally. 

Guests enjoyed a drinks reception and three course dinner at Piccolo by Piccolino in Manchester before Kerry solved those Christmas present or holiday reading dilemmas by signing copies of her books.

And who was the psychopath in the room? sorry Chatham House Rules prevents us from sharing.


Kerry is a 2023 Inspiring Women Award winner, whose story was shared at the Awards Lunch back in May. Nominations for the 2024 Awards close on 31/12/2023.