The 21 year old leaving us breathless

Olivia Clarke

10 years ago, Olivia was introduced to an organisation called RECLAIM – they had come into her school to deliver a workshop, which she just saw as an opportunity to skip PE Class. They explained what their programmes did, but all she heard was that they’d be offering a space for her and her friends to go during half term with free food. Unbeknown to Olivia, that day was the beginning of a decade of changemaking and would make her the activist and changemaker she is today.

Over the past ten years, Olivia has been advocating for better social mobility for working class young people, leading both regional and national campaigns, with a primary focus on the power of education reform for getting more working-class young people into leadership roles. One of her most successful campaigns has been the ‘OUR Pass’ – working with the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, to enable free travel for 16–18-year-olds across Greater Manchester.

In October 2023, Olivia worked with PLAN UK for the International day of the girl – taking over from Andy Burnham and becoming the Mayor of Greater Manchester for the day.

In addition to this, she has been involved in a wide range of opportunities from co-leading national campaign ‘#IfWeDidThis’ to working with popular skincare brand the INKEY List as a ‘Knowledge Powers Change fund leader’ Here she helped create a skin care kit that raised money for charity, hers being REKINDLE.

Olivia’s latest achievement is featuring in the book ‘The Path She Makes’ – with a chapter dedicated to her journey.

Alongside studying at MMU, Olivia is a Project Coordinator at an organisation called Young Manchester, facilitating the ambassador programme and  responsible for a group of 15–22-year-olds – mentoring them 1-2-1.

And coming full circle, Olivia now sits on RECLAIM’s board as a trustee – working to build their Youth Board to ensure youth voice is driving the organisation at all levels.

Olivia will be joining us to share her story at the Inspiring Women Awards on 17/5/2024. More details here