“As she grows, she immediately finds ways to give back to others so that they can grow too. From being a literal supporting arm, to being a voice that can be heard when others are too afraid to speak up – Amanda is there”.

Amanda, age 17, is an inspiring young woman who has faced many challenges throughout her childhood. As a young carer with a hectic homelife, life has been tough for her and whilst this has brought with it her own mental health struggles, she channels her adversity into positive social action and a force for good.

A shining example of Amanda going above and beyond was at a recent Manchester Youth Zone showcase. Amanda had been working closely with another young person who has Global Development Delay. That person’s dream was to get up on to the stage to perform, however on the day her lack of confidence got the better of her. At that young person’s request, Amanda got on the stage with her to perform alongside, pushing herself out of her comfort zone, but allowing that other member to achieve her goals.

Amanda is also passionate about being a voice for change. Earlier this year she and a group of friends heard about a young woman who had died of toxic shock syndrome after ‘period poverty’ forced her to use the same tampon for multiple days. Amanda was then instrumental in the decision to do something about this and stand up for every other woman facing similar situation.

Together, these young women created ‘Positive Period Packs’ which not only contained a monthly supply of sanitary products, but they also included a motivational quote, mint tea bag and chocolate to raise spirits at a time all women know we need that extra boost. These packs were then distributed through Manchester Youth Zone’s Pantry and local charity ‘The Bread and Butter Thing’. After using the initial start up funding for the project, the team then had to self-fund their mission taking part in various fundraising events to raise money.