Continuing our series of pen portraits of our 2020/2021 finalists, this week we introduce you to:

Maggie Oliver.

Maggie Oliver is perhaps best known as the “Detective turned Whistleblower” who resigned from Greater Manchester Police in late 2012 in order to expose the now infamous Rochdale Grooming Scandal.  

Earlier that year nine members of a paedophile ring had been sentenced for grooming and sexually abusing young girls in Rochdale.  However, she was continually shocked by the repeated failure of Senior Officers to record these allegations, to prosecute the serial offenders or to protect the young victims, a pattern which we have since seen repeated in many towns and cities throughout the UK.

Her grit and determination to expose the truth was nevertheless unshakeable and this perseverance eventually led to the BBC agreeing to make the multi award winning dramatisation of the case entitled “THREE GIRLS”,  which brought some of the issues into the mass public arena for the first time.

Maggie’s relationship with the victims of child grooming continues to this day, still fighting for justice for the people of Rochdale.

This has now led to The Maggie Oliver Foundation being set up with the focus on helping survivors to ‘Transform Pain into Power’.  Maggie is highly respected throughout the country.

Honest and never afraid to speak her mind, she is regularly invited onto radio and tv as a commentator on life, current affairs and Human Rights and is in high demand for public speaking engagements.

This remarkable woman will be sharing her thoughts and experiences with the us on 14th May 2021 at the Inspiring Women Awards lunch.

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