The children’s footwear disrupter, putting sustainability at the heart of her business.

Sustainable Award for Women Making an Impact Finalist – Gaynor Thomasson

Gaynor founded Heelz and Toez as a business committed to disrupting the children’s footwear market by enabling the manufacture of completely recyclable shoes made wholly from recycled products.  Her mission? To create shoes that are recyclable, comfortable, and customisable.

The average lifespan of children’s shoes is less than 6 months.

With over 300million pairs of shoes ending up in landfill annually or being burned, Gaynor spotted a gap in the market for a sustainable product.

“At Heelz and Toez we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. We want to make shoes that are good for our feet and our planet.”

Her products are made of 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. They are also adjustable to any foot size/shape, extending the life span of the shoe.

“When you buy a pair of our shoes you can feel good knowing that you’re making true ethical, sustainable footwear choices. We’re committed to keeping our shoes out of landfill and using materials which have a positive impact on our planet rather than a negative one.”

She survived Dragon’s Den, walking away with a £50,000 investment

Gaynor, a mum-of-four has secured backing from the Growth Company and following a tense pitch on Dragon’s Den in 2021, a £50,00 investment from Touker Suleyman for 40% of her business.

In December 2022, Gaynor picked up a European Award in Sustainability and is looking to launch more products in 2023.