Whilst working as an end of life vet, running her own crematorium, Anita has developed plans to build a treatment centre for elderly pet patients where their owners can stay with them throughout procedures and they can both fall asleep and wake up in their owners arms and in a home from home environment.

She describes her practice, Eternal Paws, as being along the lines of the home hospice and holistic care provided the Macmillan way, vitally valuing the lifeline that so many of our pets provide for their owners in terms of company and a reason keeping going when they are also facing other challenges.

Anita aims to create the first practice to fully incorporate spiritual, holistic and allopathic medicine giving owners access to the full tool box of healing. Her mission is to be the centre of excellence for palliative and end of life care and create a new wave of veterinary care focused on the highest standers of end of life provision and making all pet owners aware of their choices at this time.