The Constance Award is presented in memory of the Founder’s Mum, Connie.

For most, our Mothers are our earliest role models, our cheerleaders, quietly supporting us or protecting us when needed.

We do not seek nominations for this award, but each year seek out those women who epitomise those qualities.


It has been said of Kath:

A consummate networker and venerable ambassador for multiple organisations and causes.  Well known for being hugely generous with her time and her contacts.

With a keen intellect and ever-professional approach, she is widely respected for her ability to get things done, overcoming hurdles, however challenging, thanks to her compassionate and agile communication skills.

She understands and identifies with what matters most to individuals, families and the wider community, whilst equally able to engage and get the best from her wider networks.

A staunch feminist, she has always supported women, unafraid of upsetting a few men along the way!

Consistently hard working, modest and diligent, she is not afraid of the limelight, but always pushing others ahead of herself, for their acclaim and benefit.

So what is Kath’s wider contribution?

She has served the people of Manchester as a city councillor for 25 years before deciding to step down in 2004. She had held several positions of responsibility including being one of two Deputy Leaders on the City Council for 12 years and elected Lord Mayor.

In 2008, she became a deputy lieutenant. I think it is fair to say that She has played a major role in shaping the City’s fortunes

Her directorships include: Manchester International Airport Plc, Groundwork, Museum of Science and Industry, MIDAS Board, North West Cultural Consortium, North West Arts Board and the (National Association of British Market Authorities) where she was National President.

Being an avid conservationist and environmentally astute, She has been a cheerleader from the start and now Patron of EMERGE, the pioneering East Manchester based environmental charity and a shareholder of its waste recycling Community Benefit Society,

But most of all she is that steadfast friend who will always turn out and support others.