In 2022, we will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Inspiring Women Awards. Over those years we have recognised 100’s of women, giving them a public platform to celebrate those achievements and in many cases do even more. The Awards have evolved over the years by introducing new categories and themes, but the heart of the Awards has always stayed the same – giving women a voice. The 30th Inspiring Women Awards will continue to do just that, with publice nominations helping us find these extraordinary women and celebrate their achievements

The 30th Inspiring Women Awards Lunch takes place on Friday 20th May 2022. We promise it will still be an uplifting event, with maybe a few anniversary surprises thrown in.

About the Inspiring Women Awards 2022 event

“What the award means to me???”

“Well, I am incredibly humbled to be recognised as a role model / Inspiring women.  I am just me, it was never my intention to ‘get where I have got’. Some people have to ‘See it to be it’, so if my visibility as a female Detective Chief Inspector’ from humble beginnings inspires just one person to smash down their own barriers then that is absolutely brilliant and I really hope that I do the award justice.”

DCI Allison Woods, 2021 Here come the Girls Award winner 

The 30th annual Inspiring Women Awards Lunch takes place on 20th May 2022. Those attending will enjoy an afternoon celebrating with the women whose inspiring stories will be taking centre stage. Corporate packages with complimentary adverts in the programme, individual tickets and virtual attendance tickets are available.

The Awards lunch will take place at The Lowry Hotel and will also be screened to our National and International audiences. So don’t worry if you can’t get to Manchester, UK – we will come to you.

Finalists will be interviewed at the lunch by BBC presenter, Michelle Daniel,  allowing these inspiring women to tell their own stories in their own words and where the winners will be revealed.

Join us in our celebrations

“I was proud and moved when I learned I had been nominated.  It was the first time anything like that has happened to me and I was all set to enjoy this once in a lifetime  experience of a wonderful afternoon meeting the other finalists and hearing their stories and achievements.  

Winning the award was totally unexpected.  It has given me such a boost to my confidence I feel like a different person.  I also feel that this is a privilege I must use responsibly, and it has made me want to be better, and do more, so that I am worthy of the honour.”

Anita Birchall 2019 Here come the Girls Award winner 

The 2022 categories are:

Recognising those women whose role is as an instrumental and influential leader in business. Demonstrating how their personal leadership has led to business growth, innovation or outstanding diversity and inclusion.
(This Award is only open to businesses that have been established over 5 years)

Recognising those women whose contribution to society make a substantial difference to the lives of others.

Digital & Technology Innovators
Recognising those innovative women who are taking a lead role in the digital and technology industries. These role models are, by their actions, opening up opportunities to a broader range of women in these sectors.

Recognising those women who take that leap of faith and develop businesses which benefit the economy.
(This Award is open to newly established businesses between 1 and 5 years)

Inspiring Young Woman
Recognising those young women whose examples serve to inspire our next generation.
(This Award is only open to those aged between 16–25 year olds)

Here Come the Girls
Recognising those women or organisations who are challenging systems that don’t work for women, promoting gender informed products, services or role models.
(This is a Global Award )

Extraordinary People in Extraordinary Times
Recognising those women who have established businesses, services or projects to help promote the recovery from COVID.

The Constance Award
This is a special award commemorating those women who quietly make a difference.
(This is a Judge’s Award with no public nominations)


The 2022 Inspiring Women Awards Lunch


The Lowry Hotel, Salford, (Manchester) UK


20th May 2022

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“Absolutely delighted that we are once again supporting the Inspiring Women Awards. We are very proud of our relationship with Jacqueline. There are quite a lot of strong links between what we are trying to do as a Business School and The Inspiring Women Awards.”

Professor Chris Pyke, Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise.

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